A prosthesis increases functionality for patients after amputations.
We offer consultations and evaluations for each of our patients, creating a unique treatment plan that is based off of each patient's individual needs and lifestyle. This is imperative to ensure a good socket fit since every residual limb is unique in both size and shape.


Orthotic devices are used to assist patients with support and correction of existing limbs. Orthotics help regain lost functionality, increase stability of an extremity following injury or disease to the extremity. They are very specialized and require precision to ensure that they fit properly and comfortably. Our practitioners will ensure that your brace fits properly, that you are educated on the wearing schedule, and can easily put your device on and off.

Extra Depth Shoes & Custom Molded Insoles

People with Diabetes often experience medical issues with their feet and legs. Preventative care is the key to successfully manage your risk of complications. Many amputations can be prevented with regular self-care and proper footwear. Properly fitted therapeutic shoes and custom insoles can help in the prevention of many diabetic foot issues.

Post-Mastectomy Patient Care

We are dedicated to making you comfortable. Our goal is to make your prosthesis transformation as smooth as possible. We know that each woman has a variety of wants and needs and we want to make sure we address them all. We offer an array of breast forms and bras that are suitable for leisure activities, exercise, swimming, and other lifestyles. Our staff will work with your needs to get the perfect match.